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Vulcano Village

Castro… The Village of the wind
This is the name with which the small village of Castro is known, on the north of lake Iseo at 1 km from Lovere. Castro is a small but beautiful and breathtaking village, on a natural lake with enchanting landscapes.
Holiday Home – B&B Vulcano Village it’s here, with its ancient restored houses, perfectly furnished rooms and lake-side restaurant & pizza intends to become one of the most renowned restaurants in the area, an ideal place for informal occasions characterised by a warm and friendly atmosphere and the desire to be together.
Its logo incorporates the motif of an ancient 15th century fresco, dicovered and restored during the structural revamping work on the main house.


From 18 June to 3 July 2016 Lake Iseo will be the protagonist of the new scenery artwork of Christo, land artist of world renown.

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